Ship Agency and Anchorage Services

Service is your right, and we look forward to seeing you among our Customers.

  Nakhodka-Portbunker offers complex of  Ship Agency services for your fleet within  the ports of the Russian Far East.

  We build  our relations on the basis of high-quality service and protection of  our Customers’ interests in all situations.

  Our agents are highly qualified with a vast maritime experience and local knowledge of the port operations, stevedoring companies, pilots, tugs and other companies involved in vessels’ handling in a port. We have been a 24-hour  on-line. Using modern methods of management and business running  we have been constantly looking for ways to improve the level of services for  our customers.

  A joint work  with  administration, the Port Authorities  allows us  to be responsive to the changes in Laws and regulations related to the procedure of the vessel servicing and staying.

  Our  continuous monitoring over the cargo operations performance ensures  your vessel to be handled on-time  and in case of and  delays we  take all necessary measures to protect the interests of our Principals.

  Thanks to a  long-term cooperation with the  leading ship -chandler companies  we can quickly and efficiently resolve  the issues related to the supply of food, logistics, inspection and repair of marine equipment.

Availability of the company-owned inshore boat "Raid-3" allows us  to arrange  a Customs clearance of  any vessel and  the vessels’ berthing in a very  operative manner.

  As the practice shows , one-company  simultaneous providing of  both Agency and Bunker Supply services is sure to  reduce significantly the  time spent by the vessel  in port and  bring certain benefits to the Customers.

  The number of  our clients has been  growing from year to year. With years of experience, we make every efforts to meet  and exceed  your expectations.