Oil Product Transportation by Sea

  Nakhodka Portbunker  provides  the services of sea oil product  transportations by the tankers for the foreign and Russian  Customers  in the ports of the Far East of Russia: Nakhodka, Vostochny, Kozmino, Vladivostok, Posiet,Slavyanka, Olga, Plastun Zarubino, Okhotsk and  Bering Sea, the port-points of Kamchatka, Sakhalin, and Chukotka.

  Our company has a license to transport the petroleum products till the 3rd class of danger, and the chemical products of the 1-st, 2-nd and 3-rd types.

  Modern equipment of the tankers allows us to   transport in an easy and operative way several types of the petrochemicals simultaneously securing all the necessary conditions to keep a proper quality of the products.