Bunker Supply Services

  Supply of bunker fuel (bunkering) has been the main activity of our company for more than 10 years. Own modern fleet makes it possible to provide a  round-the year supply of bunker fuel to foreign and Russian vessels in the Russian Far East ports. The quality of bunker fuel supplied and the range correspond to GOST and ISO 8217: 2010 (E).

  Bunkering is performed in  a strict accordance with all applicable international rules and standards (MARPOL, ISO ASTM). During bunkering  only  modern devices and methods for  oil products calculations and gauging  are used to determine  quantity.  An independent surveyor can be invited to confirm quality and quantity at the Customer’s request. The company tankers are fitted with portable fuel cabinets that allows efficient and accurate on board testing and determining the fuel quality.

  Availability of the   own  oil products stored at the tanks of the  Russian Far East oil terminals  ensures a high quality and favorable terms and conditions of supply  together with the ability for the oil product to be reserved, stored and loaded  at a convenient time and date.

  Direct contacts and open credit lines with the  oil majors  and traders gives our company a huge advantage   in providing a competitive pricing and quality service to our Customers.

Traders of our company have been providing information on price indication, product availability and the most effective method of bunkering for 24 hours per day.

Observing a   high level of safety is the main condition for bunkering operations.